Premium Flags


Whether you are building your next epic MOC, or assembling an army or navy of your own design, there is nothing like adding Brickmania custom printed flags to take your efforts to the next level! These premium printed fabric flags are designed, printed and cut in-house by our esteemed print team. We recently dropped a huge resupply of these amazing accessories for our fans to utilize, and we can’t wait to see them flying proud on your builds.

Don’t forget that we are still accepting entries for our first MOC Contest for 2021, and these flags might give you ideas for it, or otherwise provide a great way to add that next level to whatever your currently building or planning to build. Although our first MOC Contest theme is the Vietnam War, there are many flags for you to choose from. Whether you need the Union Jack, a Jolly Roger or just want to show your Pride, we know that our fans will find amazing ways to put these to good use! We hope that you will share your builds, MOCs and dioramas with us on social media, and we thank you all for the support that you provide.

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