Building Joy


Everyone who has the good fortune to work here knows that what we get to do on a daily basis is a gift from our amazing fans and the community that we serve. One of the supreme joys of the process is seeing new building kits rise from the piles of pieces, or seeing the decked out minifigures after they’ve been marched through the production warehouse. From the artist’s desk to the super fan’s shelf, we are proud of the products we produce and the reception they garner from all of you.

We also get to see the production of brand new 3D printed accessories that have no equal in the after-market. Between those amazing products, the sticker packs and fabric accessories, we really have a tremendous catalog of products that our fans can use to build whatever MOC that would bring them joy. We love to see the creative and fantastic things that the community builds, from the smallest diorama to the most epic stop-motion animation, the passion that each of you has is the same that burns in our hearts too. We can’t thank our fans enough for the support they’ve continued to give us. Keep sharing your builds, and we’ll keep making ours.

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