Future Minifigs


Our fantastic Custom Minifigs do not come out of the ether fully formed, instead they sent through a quality control and vigorous counting protocol where they are buffed and prepped for the UV Printers. Every single individually sold minifig, and every building kit exclusive minifig goes through the same process. We’ve shown you the UV Print room where it happens, as well as them on the print bed and a bucket of the printed arms ready for assembly, this is just another part of the process. These are secured so that they will not move inside the UV printer, and these are ready for the side printing that will give them their authentic look and feel when they enter your collection.

Even the most sought after decked out minifigs begin like those you see above, clean and ready for our UV technicians. Each one is carefully secured, printed and inspected for quality, both in the UV Print room and afterwards in the QC team on the other side of the production warehouse. By the time they arrive at your doorstep, or have been added to your building kit’s box, these excellent figures have been through the entire building, passed several different departments and been handled by passionate members of the Brickmania family.

What part of the process would you like to see more of? How much did you know about UV and 3D printing beforehand?

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