World’s Best UV Prints


Our fans have come to expect the very best from us, and luckily we have the technology and personnel to make that happen every week. We have had to change the way our UV Print Room looks, as all of our departments have adjusted to the new normal. We have the benefit of some of the very best UV Operators in the industry and some of the most innovative designers in the world to inspire us all to build more!

Above is a picture of one of our UV Printers in action, making some of the parts that will undoubtedly delight the fans that get to use them. We are proud to always be on the cutting edge and creating new designs to give our fans new things to add to their MOCs and collections. We continue to expand our parts inventory to give our designers new potential for the next set they work on.

What is your favorite UV printed part? What is your favorite UV printed minifigure? What are the tiles or printed parts that you would like to see us create in the future? What MOC ideas have you come up with specifically to utilize one of our pieces?

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