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Here’s another behind-the-scenes look at our amazing print room. Below you can see a brand new sticker sheet getting prepped for our quality control team. Although the stickers below were designed and cut for a new kit, this is the same process we use to make our premium Sticker Packs. Our print team works tirelessly producing all of our instruction books, stickers, packaging and Micro Brick Battle Battle Mats.

Many of you will recall when we took a look at the print room before. This is just one of the many machines that our amazing print team uses to create the custom stickers you all know and love. So the next time you swing in to scoop up a handful of Sticker Packs during the next Two For Tuesday BOGO or you place your favorite name on your next tank, know that it those stickers were cut with care and packed with passion.

What’s your favorite Sticker Pack? What sticker sheet did you mull over the longest before deciding on the name of a build? What stickers would you like to see return? What themes would you like to see us explore in future Sticker Packs? We can’t wait to see what’s in your collection!

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