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Even when we were sorting pieces at home and while creating unique parts in our lab, quality is of the utmost importance to everyone who works at Brickmania. We are constantly taking piles of pieces and making works of art, using our passion for historical accuracy and next-level design. Before a kit can go from the designer’s studio to your shelf, it first must pass through the quality control team. Below you’ll see a pile of boxes that will be filled with amazing kits after passing the gambit of QC.

On the other side of the cubicle walls is our test builder, who ensures that both the parts and the instructions are Brickmania-quality for every kit. We strive to ensure that each and every customer who opens a Brickmania building kit has the same fantastic experience. Every box has everything you need in it to build a model that you can be proud of, and the people who make sure of it are in this part of our warehouse.

So what part of the quality control process do you think would be the most difficult? How many kits do you think a single quality control expert handles in a single day? How many kits do you think fit into the boxes pictured above? What part of the quality control process would you like to see more of?

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