Forward Thinking


First, we want to let our fans from around the world know that our team is safe. Although we did close the GHQ Store for the weekend due to the local state of emergency, our fans have been very supportive. Everyone here appreciates your concern and well wishes. We all hope that through peaceful demonstrations and rigorous reforms we will prevail as a stronger and more unified city, state and nation.

As we have been showing you over the last several weeks, we are staying vigilant and disciplined to help slow the spread of COVID-19. We are all feeling cooped up (we created The Coloring Book to fight cabin fever and COVID-19 at the same time), our duty is to continue to work together, though apart, to protect our team and community. We continue to work with nonprofits and veterans organizations to get these Coloring Books into the hands of people all over the world.

Above are some of the new elements that we created for the SdKfz “Grief” Armored Car (which has already sold out). This is a look at the process just after they were first produced, before being cleaned, packaged and brought down to Customer Service. This is just one of the amazing programs that we continue to develop with your invaluable support. Thank you all for your kind thoughts, well wishes and your continued patronage.

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