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For those of you who haven’t already seen the Brickmania TV video we made going through some of the exciting new products, we wanted to point you to your local Brickmania brick and mortar retail store to check out some of the new things we’ve been carrying in 2021. In our mission to provide our fans and supporters the very best experience, we’ve introduced some fantastic new products such as Games Workshop’s Warhammer, Dungeons & Dragons, Warlord Game’s Bolt Action, Snap Ships, NERF, historical wargames, tabletop board games and many more excellent products to our retail lineup. Our local fans have supported our stores for years, and many of our fans know that we moved two of our locations out of malls so that we could have more room to expand and hold events (before the pandemic).

Looking forward we want to expand those events to cover even more ground and give our fan community even more things to get excited about, from roleplaying, wargames, Warhammer and other events to potential tournaments and show-and-tell. Now we’ve expanded our shelf space and prepared ourselves to help take special orders for some of our favorite companies like Asmodee and Games Workshop. We know that just like there are many fans within the walls of Brickmania for much of this, we have a lot of fans who are excited to see this stuff in our stores and give our local community a place to gather and hold fun events (when such become tenable, of course).

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