Sorting Studs


As many of our fans know, every single one of our building kits goes through many stages, requiring many different hands and the time and effort to make sure its always the best possible experience. We’ve shown you pictures of our extensive part wall and the warehouse where all the hand counting happens, and today we share another part of that process. Whenever we break apart new sets for pieces, or otherwise sift through our extensive collection, separating by color is often the first step in the organizational efforts.

From here the parts will be separated based on size and shape, then cataloged into the part wall for future usage. These pieces will then become part of the world’s most sought after building kits, weighed for accuracy and find themselves being packaged and sent down the hall to the customer service team to ship to our amazing fans. Every kit that is proudly displayed on your shelf started in a bin like the ones you see above. It took many hands, and much effort to go from sorted bricks to satisfied customer, and we appreciate our fans for giving us the chance to do this everyday and provide these awesome sets to the world.

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