Foundational Elements


Here is an updated look at our infamous parts wall in the Brickmania Warehouse. Every bin you see here has bricks and pieces for upcoming new releases and restocks week in and week out. Our amazing production team hand sorts and organizes an absolutely mind-boggling number of parts that will soon join your collection. We are able to maintain this inventory because our fans like you continue to support us every day.

But bricks aren’t the only thing that our fans support. Our amazing community supports feeding our office pets, the construction of enormous museum-quality displays, supporting other small businesses, producing PPE for fans and the community, technological innovation, new unique parts and most importantly charities and our veterans. In the end, all of those bricks are building something bigger than kits, they are providing the foundation for tomorrow’s projects. We are forever humbled and awestruck by the amazing community that continues to make it all possible. Thank you all.

What is it that we do that you are most proud of? Which of our past charities have you been a supporter of? What do you think has been the coolest item that was auctioned for charity in the past? Have you donated to our Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser yet?

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