Weighing Station


This is another picture taken from our Quality Control team. This is where the QC champions weigh out the bags of hand-counted pieces that you find in every building kit we sell. They have made it a science, processing an immense amount of parts every day, so whether you have the new VADS or one of the Scorpion/Scimitars, or a beautiful British Dreadnought, every bag inside of your box was processed at this desk. The sound of that bucket being filled with parts and them then being poured into their respective bags is a common drumbeat in the warehouse.

We’ve shown you the other side of this desk before, and this is just one part of the process that makes a design into a boxed piece of art. No matter what new techniques are being employed in a model, the process for getting it from the designer’s desk out the door is the same. On the other end of the hall is the Customer Support team that will get those kits shipped to your doorstep, and if there are any issues with the kit that were not discovered and addressed before it got to them, they are there to make sure that our fans are taken care of every single time.

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