Retail Expansion


As our most dedicated fans already know, the retail stores have been slowly expanding their offering over the last several months and the GHQ Store has finally opened back up from when we closed a portion of it to accommodate social distancing guidelines. We’ve got a lot of new products to get excited about, and new ones arriving all the time! If you haven’t already seen the epic drone fly through video, definitely go give it a watch! If you haven’t been in the retail stores for a while, now is the perfect time to get out and see what’s new!

From Random Brick Bags to new minifigures, Warhammer, Asmodee, NERF and other product lines, we are becoming a true one-stop shop for all things hobby, building and gaming for fans of all ages and all interests. Above you can see the vaunted USS Missouri as it was disassembled to be repositioned further back in GHQ, near the First into Bastogne mosaic. We’re all super excited to see the retail stores open back up and we can’t wait to start holding events again!

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