Holly’s Favorite Spot


We wanted to check in with our official customer service mascot (she’s fairly sure she’s the office manager though), Holly. If you haven’t already gotten in on the Brick Mini second wave Kickstarter, definitely check them out! Holly got herself an army when they first arrived, and we are all really excited about what’s next from our friends at Brick Mini, and we have some exclusive kits we will be making specifically for the campaign, so check them out!

Above you can see Holly in her favorite box, when she isn’t supervising the Designer’s Desk videos, or waiting by the door for her chance to get back into the hall, looking for a scratch behind the ear or your food in the microwave, she’s generally napping here. We all give her love whenever we walk by, but it’s the fan community and the good people like you that keep food in her belly and the heat on in the winter. The only reason we get to keep doing the jobs we love, giving our fans awesome new builds for their collections and continue feeding the pets@BKM is because of your patronage. For that unwavering support, we thank you all everyday.

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