Carefully Packed


Just as we hand-sort every single piece in our building kits, we carefully bag and box everything that is on our shelves and everything we ship to your doorstep. Every single new release is treated with the respect these works of art deserve. Our team takes pride in providing the world’s best building experience, and the process of laying out the bags and preparing your build station is one of the most exciting parts of the hobby. The picture below is from our kitting bay in our warehouse, where a batch of the long-sold-out Nighthawks is prepared for the boxing.

Our customer service team makes sure that the sealed box is also packed into a shipping box with an eye toward protecting the contents within. This kind of care in packing is especially important when we ship BKM Vault items, since these products are some of the last of their kind to be sold and are one-of-a-kind in that they were on display in one of our three retail locations. Even our minifigures get the protection they deserve, whether they be in clamshells or otherwise, we take great care providing our fan community with the very best to take your collection to the next level!

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