Packed Minifigs


Our fantastic custom printed minifigs are constantly in high demand from every corner of the planet. Whether the minifigs are created for upcoming Preorders or for a recent restock, or released as a standalone for our newest Digital Instructions, we take great pride in every minifig that leaves our production warehouse on its way to your doorstep. The minifigs shown below are already sold out, but these were being packed on the Production Warehouse.

We’ve shown our fans in the process behind making these amazing minifigures, from print bed setup, a batch ready to print. We take great care arming and decking out our minifigs to give our fans the best minifigures in the world. Some of our most sought after minifigures are only available in our retail locations, and some can only be viewed in private collections or in the GHQ Store Archive.

We love hearing from our fans about their collections, so please let us know what your favorite minifigure is in yours!

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