Brickmania® Modern FAST Helmet is here!

It’s finally here! The Brickmania Modern FAST Helmet is available at We made a ton of em but they’re gonna go F.A.S.T! While you’re there check out our new digital downloads of the Freedom 7 Capsule + Astronaut Recovery Helicopter and Elemental Taxi – 23rd Century Cab . The amazing high quality sticker packs for the Elemental Taxi and Freedom Capsule also just released! We’re starting to ship one of our coolest perfect caliber crates ever, the Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® NLAW Crate is heading out. If you have a preorder, expect it soon. If not, order one now while supplies last. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the NLAW crate go to benefit direct relief to Ukraine! almost $100,000 so far! thank you! we’re also restocking a bunch of Brickstuff® lighting kits and accessories. take your build to the next level with a cool light and sound kit from Brickstuff® and as always have a great week!

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