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One of the most difficult things to accomplish in the world of custom brick building is the sourcing, sorting and effective usage of the enormous parts catalog at our disposal. Sometimes a set requires a hard to get piece, or one which had only been produced in a small quantity, such as a piece we used to custom print on the Japanese Zero, which will likely never be restocked until and unless that part becomes widely available again on the open market.

Above you can see some of the tan pieces that are being used in a few upcoming kits, sitting out on the design table that stretches the length of Designer’s Row. Once found on the market, these pieces must be shipped from wherever they are in the world to our production facility in Minneapolis. Once they arrive, they are quality checked and sorted for the design team to use in their next build. The tray above is just one of the many in the design room which our talented team has at their fingertips to make their current and future builds.

Every builder has a way to sort their pieces and finding the right brick for the right job is one of those things that brings a builder joy. What does your sorting and storage system look like? What are some of the pieces you wish you could find to work with? Share your stories with us!

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