Minifigs In Stores


Many of our fans already know about the huge haul of pieces that we have been sorting in the warehouse for the USS Makin Island. In that massive drop of pieces, there were also an army of minifigures that have now been deployed to all three of our retail locations! Many of the rarest have already flown off the shelf, but there are many still available so stop in or give us a call to see if there’s a minifig you’ve always wanted still available!

Remember also that we have our own custom heads available in stores and online that you can use to personalize any of these minifigs too! I know there are many collectors who will jump at some of these immediately, and even some of our causal fans will find a fig that draws their attention. Our stores have had issues keeping minifigure cases filled because our minifigures sell so quickly, well now they are filled with minifigures from all genres and many different sets. These are in extremely limited supply, and they will not restocked in the future so get into the store, or order for curbside pickup today!

What minifigure do you hope is still available? Which of the ones shown above do you think sold out first? How many minifigures do you think are left from the supply drop that hit your local Brickmania store? How mnay minifigures total do you think we sent across all three stores. What’s the minifigure in your collection that you are most glad you bought? This army of minifigures came from one person’s collection, do you have a collection that can rival this one?

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