Sealed Awesomeness


You all know that we take a lot of pride in our packaging. We also appreciate and think about our collector’s community a lot. Fans of our work range from every kind of collector imaginable, from Perfect Caliber to epic builds like the one below, the sold out Sea King. That beautiful box wrap is already on it, and the last sticker is being applied to each one before it’s sealed in plastic wrap. This is the way that you know you’re getting the genuine article, and its the sticker that some collectors strive never to remove.

It started from a pile of unfolded brilliance, it’s contents have been hand counted and the final box has been lovingly numbered. We strive to produce the best building kits on the planet, and our fans know that the sealed awesomeness can also be built into a fantastic shelf model, whether they do so or not is up to each fan to decide. We love seeing your collections, both built and boxed! We appreciate every single person in the community that keeps us going!

What’s your favorite Brickmania box cover art? Which set do you own that you haven’t opened yet?

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