Modern Marine Magic


Although the Modern Marine Raider II didn’t last long on restock day, we still have other amazing custom minifigures that you can check out on the site to grab before they’re gone. If you’re not currently on our newsletter email list, be sure to subscribe so that you can get a chance to grab these before they’re gone. We recommend already being signed in, because even with purchase limits our minifigs regularly sell out in record time!

We’ve shown you in the past how future minifigs are produced, how we arm them 😉 and how they are loaded into the UV printers for that fantastic historically accurate printing. Our entire team takes a lot of pride in the products we offer, and the minifigures we make are some of the most sought after in the world. Our fans continue to make this all possible through their support and patronage, and for that support we are infinitely grateful.

What’s your favorite minifigure we’ve made? What minifigure do you want redesigned or restocked the most? Send us your thoughts by heading over to our Official Suggestion Box and letting us know what you think!

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