Expanded Warehouse


Every building kit in your collection, and every minifigure that you’re still looking for has passed through this fantastic space. As regular readers of our blog know, and those who follow us on social media have seen, our production warehouse has expanded recently and the production team has already made the new space home. We’ve also recently opened up the GHQ Store again and have expanded the offering of products in all of our retail locations.

Our team is constantly pushing the envelop to bring our fan community the absolute best building experience known on the planet, and the image you see above is a view into the beating heart of what makes it all possible. You can see past the road store vans the entrance to the vaunted part wall in the back. Along the left you can see where every kit’s parts are hand counted and carefully QC’d. Along the right you can see where the kits are sealed and boxed, ready to head down the hall to be added to your collection!

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