Makin Progress V2


Dan continues to make good progress on the USS Makin Island and we can’t wait to see it on the road with our fans! Here is an exclusive visual of the ship’s interior structure, where all the most colorful bricks (otherwise known as unusable bricks for the outer hull) are located and where a bunch of fun Easter eggs that give Dan a chuckle can be found. We hope to see our fans at our up-coming road shows, and seeing the Plank Owners printed bricks on the waterline will be something we are all excited for!

We’ve shown you the Makin Island’s progress for over a year now, and its awesome to see it finally getting ready to depart the warehouse. From the rise of the bow to the parts sorting all the way down to the waterline, this epic museum quality display build will rival the USS Missouri for the most impressive brick-built icon that Brickmania has ever made. The picture you see above won’t be visible on the road, since the flight deck and numerous building kits will be sitting atop it, and we’re all sure that our fans will love seeing it soon!

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