Makin Island Waterline


There has been a lot of really exciting things to report on here at Brickmania’s world headquarters, so it’s been a while since we gave fans an update on the Makin Island. Below you can see the hull at the waterline already upright, with the color-coded schematic laying below and the official BrickStarter Plank Owner card laying on the work table to the right. You can already tell how enormous this build is!

Even though the pandemic had scuttled our plans for World War Brick 2020, we continue to look for ways to support our community through The Coloring Book donations and through small-business made Face Masks to help those effected by the pandemic and help flatten the curve of COVID-19. We also launched BrickTracks and sent off tons of awesome minifigures to our retail locations.

What aspect of the Makin Island are you most excited about? Is it the landing deck or the aircraft that will soon be on it? Is it the sheer size at 1/35th scale like the Missouri? Or is it the techniques that Dan will be using to get everything to look just right? What’s the largest build you’ve made so far? Share us your thoughts and pictures of your big builds!

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