Box Contains Art


This is a picture from our packaging line, where the stickers and covers are already applied to the ME 262 Schwalbe (already sold out) boxes, but just before they are put into the shrink wrap conveyor. This would be the step between the Quality Control team on one hand, and being stacked and brought out the door to the Customer Service room down the hall. These sets are likely (barring carrier issues, which still abound) already in the hands of fans, thanks to the drive and commitment of our packing and shipping team.

This box promises not only a fun, swooshable build and extremely satisfying experience, but also a work of art that will set a fan collection apart from the rest. Our fans know that behind the monochrome cover art there are bags of pieces that were hand counted and a design that was carefully crafted. Every part of the Brickmania family had a hand in making this set and others a reality, and at this stage of the production line, it has all come together into a box that can make a builder get excited to tear open.

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